15+ Best Chromebook Apps for Students

Chromebooks are one of the most used devices by students and they often need various types of apps for their everyday tasks and workflows. And I am not only suggesting a few apps which can be useful, but I am suggesting some apps which are specifically made for Students. And most of these apps are optimized for Chromebooks.

Best Chromebook Apps for Students

1. Schedule Planning app

Schedule Planning apps are the most useful apps for students than any other apps on this list. You can keep track of classes, homework, projects, tests, exams, labs, presentations, whatever it might be. And also can plan the day according to the works you have easily.

myHomework is one of the best apps among them and it also works perfectly with Chromebook. The best part about this app is it will be linked with your account so that you can track your work from your Phone too. The only problem is the UI of the app, that is not so good and it even has ads. Anyhow, you can remove ads by going to the pro version for $4.99/year. Pro version also gives extra benefits like themes and file uploads.

Egenda is a second-best alternative for a schedule planning app, though it doesn’t offer all the features like calendar and description, it is a light-weight app and works well with Chromebooks.

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myhomework app on chromebook

2. Record Lectures

The best way to revise any chapter is by listening to the lecture again. It makes the revision easy and acts like a podcast for your studies. Google’s Voice Recorder is the best app for it as, it not only just records the lectures, but you can also even search with the words used in the lecture. For example, if you want to revise some old topics, you can get the recorded file just by searching with the words related to that topic. On most other voice recorders, you should rename the file and can only search with the name you have renamed.

But unfortunately, it’s not available on the Play store, so you need to sideload the apk. Anyhow, it works fine on the Chromebook and audio quality is great.

Or you can even install the Voice recorder app on the Play Store, it also works great on the Chromebook and audio quality is also as good as Google’s Voice recorder app. But you don’t find features like live transcriptions and searching the file using the words in it, but can get the work done just perfectly. These apps work great when you are sitting near to the lecturer.

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Record Lectures on chromebook

3. Apps to take Notes

Evernote, OneNote, Google keep are so popular Note talking apps with all the required features you need and cannot go wrong with them.

But there is another app called Squid, which is designed to mimic the notebook layout. As it only allows handwriting, it works great with only Chromebooks which have a stylus. The main purpose of this app is to replace the normal notebooks, so it doesn’t have features like text input. But anyhow, you can get those features by going into the premium plan which starts at ( $9 / Year ).

But if text input is also important to you, just go with Evernote, Onenote or Google Keep. These apps serve a lot better than the pro version of squid.

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Apps to take Notes

4. Get your Grammar correct

Grammarly is a grammar correction app that every student should definitely install. It predicts so well and also gives the option to correct them so easily. You can’t find a separate app for this, but there is a Chrome extension that works only on Chrome. Though it has its limitations, it will be useful for mailing, note-taking & even chatting.

Get your Grammar correct using grammerly chromebook

5. Apps to track your Expenses

As a student, you might have a limited budget and a lot of things to spend. Apps like Mint helps to maintain the perfect balance for that. It helps you to create a reasonable budget and keep track of all your expenses. It has a bill-reminder so that you can pay the bills on time and avoid late fees. It creates graphs and reports for you to analyze where your money is going. And also gives recommendations for you based on your spending habits. The only caveat is, this app is not available in many countries except the USA and Canada.

Where Splitwise comes to the play. It offers most of the features which Mint has and also offers you features like changing the currency, split bills between friends, family, etc. It also provides reports and graphs for you to analyze, but it doesn’t give suggestions on your expenses which mint does. And it is also not optimized to work on the Chromebook layout

Also, remember that these apps track your messages of bank statements to keep track of your expenditures.

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expense tracker app for chromebook

6. Meal Planner and Recipe Manager

Meal Planning is a great way to kick start your day to maintain health and fitness. And a Recipe Manager can come to handy whenever you need it.

Paprika offers both features in a single package of a one-time payment of $5.99.

Anyhow, Paprika doesn’t have its own preset of recipes and menus. But you can easily import from other recipe websites. Therefore it is best for the people who can structure their meal plan. But it detects the ingredients automatically and provides you a grocery list for you to buy.

It stores all your recipes and keeps the screen on when you are trying them. You can even set to the cooking timing so that the screen will stay on until you cook. One drawback is, this app doesn’t detect when you are importing the same recipe from the same URL, which can create doubles at times. And also it doesn’t offer additional nutrition data but can detect the data from the websites if they have included it.

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Meal Planner app for chromebook

7. Apps to Stay Focused

Normally, these kinds of apps are better to install on phones as they stop you from using the phone and be productive. But there are few apps that should be installed on your Chromebook too.

Forest, this is one such app that uses the Pomodoro technique. But it is a lot more than that, it shows your workflow in the form of a plant. The more you work, the more your plant grows and depending on the Pomodoro technique, it will give you 25 minutes of time to work and 5 minutes of break. In case you are leaving in between, the plant dies instantly.

You can create multiple timelines depending on your work and plant separate trees for them. So you can complete one task after another to make every plant grow. The best part is, if you have stopped using this app, your plants will die slowly. It also offers few extra features like playing relaxing nature sounds and giving the inspiration to work more by showing some words like ” you are almost done “.

This app is not well optimized to work on Chromebook layout and works in a vertical phone layout, but the functionality of it works perfectly.

And the money earned from this app is used to plant real trees. Also Check:  Best Pomodoro Apps for Android

Focus Apps to Stay Focused

8. Documents and PDF editing apps

Adobe Reader is the best app to view PDF’s and also edit them. It works great on Chromebook using the entire desktop layout. Moreover, it works great with touch or even touchpad.

If you are using a Chromebook that has a stylus, this app works a lot better as it also has stylus options.

For other documents, you cannot go wrong with Google Docs on the Chromebooks, they work a lot better than any other document editors on the Chromebook. Also Check: Best Apps to Edit PDFs

Adobe Reader on chromebook

9. Buy and Sell Books

Chegg Books is a great app to buy textbooks with less than 90% price of universities sell you. Or you even have options to rent them or read them on your Chromebook. You can search the books using the name, author, ISBN code or even barcode scanner. And can order them just like on Amazon.

And you can even sell them after the semester in the same app for a decent price.

Chegg Books on chromebook

10. Best Apps to Watch Movies

As these streaming apps are now so popular, we don’t even need to mention the names Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Mubi, etc whatever might be your favorite.

Though you can easily watch from these websites, I recommend using Android apps for them as you can get additional benefits like downloading movies to watch later. And these apps are also well optimized to work on Chromebooks.

netflix on chrombook

11. VPN for needs

VPN’s are a bit necessary, not only just for security purposes, but they also help to bypass geographic restrictions on websites and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Not all VPN supports Netflix and Disney+, only a few like Smart DNS Proxy, Nord VPN, Express VPN do, and here are some other best VPNs for Android and iOS.

If you are studying far from the home, they help to connect with your home network which can help to access the remote desktop over the internet. On top of all, you can hide your browsing activity even from the local network and ISP.

Smart DNS Proxy on chromebook

12. Apps to read News and Articles

We often refer to the web to get information on different things including the subjects for studies. Sometimes we even follow some of our favorite websites continuously. If you are one among them or looking to start reading more news and get updated, these apps are just for you.

Feedly is one of the best apps to keep track of news and articles from your favorite websites. To be short, it works like Youtube for websites. You will get the feed from the websites you follow just like subscribing. The Android App version of Feedly is so bad and doesn’t work properly with the trackpad. Instead, you can use the Feedly website.

Pocket is another app that helps to save any article to read later. As a student, this feature will be so helpful for you to get back into any article which you like. You can install the Pocket Chrome extension to save any article whenever you like and can get back into it from the Pocket website. Just like Feedly, the Android app of Pocket is also not well optimized to work the Chromebook and has touchpad issues. So it’s better to use the website version here too.

These apps are available in all the platforms, which makes easy for you access from your other devices.

feedly on chromebook

13. Apps for Peer Support

Talk life is an app which will let you share your problems and feeling by being anonymous. It helps you to connect with other people who are having similar problems so that you can share your thoughts with others.

This app is made to reduce mental stress by connecting with people who understand. It’s better to send the problems out of you than keeping them inside.

Just in case, you have such problems, that might be even homesick, this app has something for you. It is not well-optimized for the desktop layout of the Chromebooks, but who cares.

talk life on chromebook

14. Learn with Fun

Quizlet is an app where you can play different kinds of mind games replaced with the subject you are studying. There are a vast majority of topics for you to select and then you play games like live quizzes, remembering cards, matching cards, etc. Or you can even create a quiz on your own. Though you know the answers before, remembering them to win is the key to learn.

Anyhow, you can upload your quizzes on the app and also participate in quizzes others created. There are premium versions of these apps which remove ads and also increases the number of games in it.

quickup on chromebook

15. Password Manager

You might have installed some apps here and also there might be few apps that are already installed on your phone and there are a lot of passwords for these all apps. Password Manager helps you to store all your passwords. So whenever you want to log-in to any of those apps or websites, you can simply auto-fill your passwords.

LastPass is one of the most popular and secured one among such apps. As you are giving your password details, it must be a well known and trusted one.

LastPass is available on Play Store and Chrome Store, you need to download both of them, so you can log in even from an Android app or the website.

LastPass is secured enough that we can’t even take a screenshot of it.

16. Sketching Apps

Even Note-Taking apps like Squid can act like a sketching app, but it doesn’t offer features like choosing brushes and colors.

These are certain types of apps that are best to install on Chromebooks which has stylus support.

Sketch Book and Adobe Photoshop Sketch are the best apps you can install. If you already paid for the Adobe creative cloud, you can go with it. Or you can choose Sketch Book which offers more features for free.

Sketching Apps on chromebook

Best Chromebook Apps for Students

These are just some of the best apps which can be useful for most of the students.

You might even need apps for traveling, fitness, etc. But those are quite common and we have apps which are so popular. You can also check out some tutoring apps which can be helpful.